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Oil Plus 2C - 6ml sample sizes

FREE SAMPLES– Purchase six for $6.00! Spend $100 or more within one month and we’ll give you $20.00 discount code when you spend over $100.00.

Handy 6ml sample sizes of Oil Plus 2C. Oil Plus 2C is an Interior product, hardwax oil wood protector that colours and protects in only one single layer!


Rubio Monocoat DuroGrit

DuroGrit is a sustainable, wood-fiber fortified and water-soluble oil that colors and protects all exterior wood in 1 coat. The FibreGrit Technology, where added wood fibers give the oil its unique structure, provides the perfect combination of a penetrating and breathable monocoat system.

Thanks to this technology, DuroGrit not only has incredible and long-lasting UV protection compared to other exterior wood finishing products, but it’s also extremely durable and wear resistant.


Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C DIY Kit in Pure

This DIY kit will provide you everything you need to get started with your project.


Rubio Monocoat Soap

Rubio Monocoat Universal Soap is a soap for the regular cleaning of oiled surfaces. The soap removes all dirt and grease thoroughly, without affecting the mat, natural look of the wood. Concentrated and very economical.


A range of colours to suit your next project...

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2c DIY Kit in Pure

I've tried all the oils over the last 20 years, but getting one that can
cure quick and leave a nice rich colour base is amazing. Definitely a permanent spot on my shelf for this stuff.

Josh Thompson

Rubio Monocoat Surface Care -Very happy with this product my dining table looks so much cleaner now.

V Rogers

Beautiful finish - Pretty much foolproof to use and apply and the finish really brings out the best in the wood.

Paul Johnson

I’m a Christchurch artist and sculpt with wood veneers.  Previously, I’ve used
Danish Oil or Shellac on the veneers, but needed to do them while assembling my

I wasn’t content with the protection they provided, so went on the hunt for a
better product: one application & good protection: Found you!

I’m excited with my experiments on doing a blend of your colours as well.

Christchurch Artist

I appreciate how easy to use and versatile Rubio oil is to use. The perfect oil for a seasoned woodsman or a beginner! The more I use Rubio, the more each finish amazes me. 

Highly recommend Rubio oil and a pleasure dealing with you guys as a supplier.

Matt Goldsworthy-Smith, Wood Studio M

We have successfully used Rubio Monocoat oil on our client’s timber floors. They come in an extensive range of colours and are easy to apply. Our customers have been happy with this coating product, and we have had no comebacks.  Rubio Monocoat NZ Ltd gives great service and we recommend them.

Swinard Wooden Floors, Christchurch

We were thrilled with how Rubio Monocoat performed. It was the icing on the cake that gave the river table so much character.

Mac, Canterbury

Excellent, easiest coating I have ever used, looks amazing and has great wear and tear qualities. I will be ordering constantly moving forward.

Chris B

Rubio Monocoat New Zealand

Enhances and protects your wood. Manufactured in Europe with monocular bonding technology.