Project of the Month - January 2023

Canadian Bay: an architectural gem by the sea

From Belgium to Australia, Rubio Monocoat is everywhere. The picturesque Canadian Bay in Australia’s Mount Eliza is a beautiful place to live. What makes living there even more beautiful, is a solid protection of your wood with Rubio Monocoat oils.

Coastal views with a strong Rubio Monocoat protection

The impressive exterior design of this beautiful seaside villa immediately catches the eye, while at the same time it blends in very well with the landscape. To integrate the amazing coastal views into the villa, they worked with a lot of windows and several terraces. This makes the house ideal to enjoy the outdoor life to the fullest.

To stay in tune with the outdoors both inside and outside, the natural touch was integrated in the house by using a lot of wood. French Oak was used for the interior and Blackbutt Wood and Charred Cypress for the exterior parts. To protect the wood properly, they chose to work with the Rubio Monocoat oils. They used Oil Plus 2C for the interior wood. The colour Ash Grey perfectly accompanies the interior design. For outside, they chose the Hybrid Wood Protector in the colours Natural and Black.

Tip of the month: using the right colour for exterior surfaces

If you want to prevent outdoor wood from greying, it is important to choose a pigmented colour. After all, it is the pigments inside the oil that provide the UV protection. Therefore, it is not always recommended to choose “Pure”. Instead, you can choose a colour that is very close to, or even darker than, the original colour of the wood that you want to treat.

Project name: Canadian Bay Cabin Mount Eliza

Location: Victoria, Australia

Product: Oil Plus 2C (interior) & Hybrid Wood Protector (exterior)

Colour: Ash Grey (interior) & Natural and Black (exterior)

Wood type: French Oak (interior) & Blackbutt Wood and Charred Cypress (exterior)

Architect: Wolveridge Architects

Builder: Pope Constructions

Photographer: © Derek Swalwell

Sent in by: Rubio Monocoat Australia