Project of the Month - May 2022

Celebrating an event in (Rubio Monocoat) style

A stylish event location? That is Felix Oostende. Not only the historical aspect of the building and the successful furnishing make the location cosy, the finish with Rubio Moncoat completes the decor!

From wedding venue to film location

In addition to the James Ensor House, Ostend has added yet another location with a touch of Rubio Monocoat. With the Felix Oostende event location, the city has added another jewel to its collection. The building itself already exists for more than 130 years and was completely renovated with respect for its historical character. Since its opening in 2020, the building has served as pop-up shop and bistro, wedding venue, film location, meeting room, team building site, ... All visitors to these events can count on a cosy location, and that was in part made possible by us!

Quality finish with Rubio Monocoat

The interior joinery was handled by Sergeant OAK. This name is an old acquaintance of Rubio Monocoat, as Sergeant OAK also helped to furnish Rubio Monocoat Belgium's showroom! The oak veneer bar was finished with Oil Plus 2C in the colour White 5%. In the before and after pictures you can admire the beautiful result. For the stairs and walls, an extra intense colour was chosen by combining Precolor Easy Intense Black with our Oil Plus 2C Black.

Tip of the month: How to protect wood from liquids

At an event location such as this, a bar is obviously essential. It goes without saying that this bar comes into contact with many liquids. Oil Plus 2C in itself already provides sufficient protection against these liquids, but we have a few extra aids to avoid stains from water, soft drinks, alcohol, etc.

A first recommendation is our preparatory product Tannin Primer. For tannin-rich wood such as oak or chestnut, we recommend using the Tannin Primer instead of our Cleaner to prepare the wood. This way, you avoid the black tannin or tannic acid stains that typically occur on wood that comes into contact with a lot of water.

In public areas with intensive use, we also recommend using our Universal Maintenance Oil. Especially because this bar is used so much, the extra liquid resistance that this product brings will certainly be welcome.

Project name: Felix Oostende (event location)
Location: Ostend, Belgium
Product: Precolor Easy & Oil Plus 2C
Colour: Intense Black & Black – White 5%
Wood Type: Oak veneer (bar) – Birch Plywood (walls and stairs)
Contractor: Sergeant OAK (carpentry) & Studio Mowk (design)
Photographer & copyright: Nick Decombel Photography